UCOP DA # UC Delegation Title Date of UCOP DA Letter Delegation from Chancellor Secondary Delegation Tertiary Delegation Original Letter
DA2002 Policy on Naming University Properties, Programs, and Facilities 10/14/1993 VC University Relations PDF icon SCDA-BAS001.pdf more
DA2053 Liability Statement, Transportation Research Board/National Research Council 01/19/1996 more
DA2055 Authority for the Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse Capital Expenditures from Proceeds of Indebtedness 03/28/1996 VC Planning and Budget, Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor PDF icon SCDA 2055.01.pdf more
DA2069 Exceptions to Staff Policy 51, Reduced Fee Enrollments 07/29/1996 more
DA2073 Exceptions to Staff Policy 40.D.2, Compensation for Holiday Work 08/1/1996 more
DA2085 Establishment of Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program 06/12/1997 more
DA2098 Housing Allowance Payments was integrated into the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program APM-190 Appendix E effective September 15, 2005. 12/22/2004 Deans PDF icon SCDA 2098.01.pdf more
DA2100 Authority for Execution of Purchase Contracts,Subcontracts,and Standard Purchase Order for Materials, Goods, and Services to be supplied to the University. 06/11/1998 VC Business and Administrative Services, Director of Procurement PDF icon DA MM0001.pdf more
DA2106 Authority to Enter into Written Agreements with Local Law Enforcement Agencies Assistant Chancellor--Business and Administrative Services PDF icon SCDA-SPS0004.pdf more
DA2109 Authority--To Approve Conferral of Emeritus Status on Non-Academic Personnel 03/05/1999 more