UCOP DA # UC Delegation Title Date of UCOP DA Letter Delegation from Chancellor Secondary Delegation Tertiary Delegation Original Letter
DA0898 Administration of the Faculty For-Sale Housing Project, Santa Cruz Campus 05/20/1986 VC Student Affairs Director of Housing Services Assistant Director of Housing Services PDF icon SCDA 898.04.pdf more
DA1058 Execution of Agreements 12/30/1991 VC Business and Administrative Services, VC Student Affairs Assistant Vice Chancellor Staff Human Resources PDF icon SCDA1058 VCBAS VCSA AVC HR.pdf more
DA1064 Third-Party Agreements, University Vanpool Programs 03/31/1992 VC Business and Administrative Services PDF icon SCDA BUS0010.pdf more
DA1072 To Approve Conferral of Emeritus Status Upon Retirement on Academic Appointees Who Are Not Members of the Academic Senate has been superseded by APM–120, most recently revised in 2005. 09/25/1992 more
DA1095 Use of Commercial Credit Cards 07/30/1993 more
DA1097 Claims Against Debtors in Bankruptcy and Against Estates 08/18/1993 VC Business and Administrative Services PDF icon SCDA ACG0001.pdf more
DA2002 Policy on Naming University Properties, Programs, and Facilities 10/14/1993 VC University Relations PDF icon SCDA-BAS001.pdf more
DA2053 Liability Statement, Transportation Research Board/National Research Council 01/19/1996 more
DA2055 Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse Capital Expenditures from Proceeds of Indebtedness 03/28/1996 Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor PDF icon SCDA 2055.pdf more
DA2069 Exceptions to Staff Policy 51, Reduced Fee Enrollments 07/29/1996 more